Si Deep Reactive Ion Etching Systems

Samco was the first of Japan's semiconductor process equipment manufacturers to obtain a Bosch Process license. Using our latest patented Tornado ICP� technology and harnessing the Bosch Process, Samco's Si DRIE systems have proven effective in deep, vertical, high-speed Si deep etching for both R&D and production.

Key Features and Benefits

      Benefits of Samco Si DRIE systems:

  • Industry leading etch rates of over 50 ?m/min
  • High selectivity of over 250:1 (Si:Photoresist)
  • Uniformity of �5% or better (4, 6, and 8" wafers)
  • High aspect ratio (greater than 40:1)
  • Low scalloping, smooth sidewall profile (less than 0.1 ?m scallops)
  • Patented, dual frequency SOI anti-notch etching technology
  • Unique "anti-tilt" feature that ensures high uniformity
  • Electrostatic chuck and helium backside cooling (for wafer temperature control)
  • ICP source can be modified for DRIE of SiO2